Turtle Pool


Enjoy the view at Turtle Island!

Peek in at Turtle Island and you’ll immediately understand why sea turtles are much-loved animals.


Enjoy their intriguing behavior in water and on land.

In our exhibit you can watch them swim, feed and go about their daily lives.


We provide a beautiful home for two types of Turtle species that recreate their natural living conditions.


In recent years, dozens of turtles have hatched in the Park, which we raise and release to sea once they reach adulthood, thus contributing to increasing the population of turtles, recognized as protected animals.


Did you know?


Over the years, human behavior has made all eight species of sea turtles alive in the world, almost disappear and today they are considered endangered .


Join us at lunchtime:


12:30 pm

  • Carangidae
  • Hawksbill Turtle
  • Green Turtle