Go green for Red Sea!

The Underwater Observatory Park in Eilat is proud to pioneer an environmental and responsible change, which we hope will encourage others to join us and – ‘Go Green for Red Sea’!

 As part of our action plan for 2022, the Underwater Observatory pledges to reduce single-use plastic and paper, in our effort to keep the marine environment free of these and other pollutants, which harm the fabric of life, both in and outside of the water.

Our commitments:

– Recyclable plates and cutlery, made from natural and consumable materials

– Paper or wheat drinking straws

– Replacing all single use plastic bags from gift shop with material bags

– Dramatically reducing the printed materials used in the park and providing digital maps

– Reduce paper waste – change to e ticketing

– Reducing plastic bottles and cups and providing cans and glass bottles

– Encourage water fountain use!

– Offer multi-use fill up cups with logo for juice/slush drinks

– Multi-use bottles and coffee mugs, available for purchase in the gift shop.

– Install more recycling bins.

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