Sharks World – The largest shark pool in the Middle East

It has been 40 years since the opening of the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat, and a new attraction has just been opened, following an investment of 26 million shekels: Shark World – the biggest shark pool of its kind in the Middle East, covering an area of 1000m2. It offers a rare opportunity and an exceptional experience to have the Red Sea sharks at your fingertips and get the feel of what it’s like to meet them.
The water pumped into the pool undergoes a complex process as it is drawn up from a depth of 40 meters. Containing some three million liters of water, the 575m2 pool is 6 meters high and is located right at the center of the complex.

The Shark World tour begins in a dark hall, at the end of which is a huge 4 X 10 window, which lets in a pleasant bluish light. The window overlooks the pool, which houses 18 sharks, walruses, sea bats and thousands of fish that coexist in perfect harmony. Further on, visitors cross the pool through a breathtaking, transparent tunnel, 15 meters long. The sharks and other marine creatures swim above and alongside the visitors, who are astonished to see them up so close.




The third part of the complex is the spectacularly beautiful digital and interactive visitors center, which provides information about Shark World and gives us a glimpse of their lifestyle, habitat, feeding habits and most importantly, giving us clear explanations and accurate information why sharks are not a danger to humans. At the visitors center you can enjoy video clips, interactive games, marvelous model sharks, baby shark pools and more.

Just before the end of the tour route, visitors are taken to a small amphitheater, facing a large window for a final farewell view. Visitors interested in seeing the sharks from yet another angle are invited to the upper part of the pool, where they can observe the pool complex from above and discover that its design is inspired by an anatomical structure, the fins that typify the sharks so well.

A tour of Shark World is fascinating and teaches all about the amazing world of these deep sea predators.
So, do you want to know how is it to meet a shark?