Shark Pool


Be ready

for the big fish!


Take a tour of our incredible flagship display, the Shark Pool complex.


In this safe and close encounter, you'll come eye-to-eye with the predators of the Red Sea. Here, at touching distance, you can experience a heart-stopping and real-time introduction to sharks, sting-rays, manta rays, schools of fish and vibrant colonies of coral.


Featuring a huge shark pool, an interactive activity center and a transparent tunnel – the Shark Pool complex is an action-packed tour.


Do you dare to get up close to these notorious hunters as they swim above and around you?


Did you know?


Most sharks can only breathe when they are swimming.

That means they have to swim constantly, even when asleep or they will drown!


Join us for the diver-led shark and fish feeding show:


11:30am or 15:00pm.

  • Zebra Shark
  • זנבתן מנומר
  • Sting-rays
  • עטלף ים
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • פטישן
  • Sandbar shark
  • כריש סנפירתן
  • Blacktip Reef Sharks
  • כריש שחור סנפירים
  • Bignose Shark
  • כריש גדול-שן