A perfect day at the Red Sea

A Wide Range of Family Friendly Attractions in Eilat – All Under ONE Roof!

At the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat, you'll find plenty of family-oriented attractions. Our attractions and activities combine to create a rich and entertaining experience for both children and adults. It's so much fun spending long hours, even days, with us full of discoveries, surprises, and curiosity, which is precisely why we offer one ticket valid for 3 consecutive days, so you can visit us again and again. The Park offers many additional fun activities and options that not everyone is aware of, read on to discover and learn more.

Are You Looking for Attractions in Eilat? Plan Your Visit!

In order to ensure that your visit to the Park is a success, we recommend that you take a map upon entering to follow the times of feeding the animals and other activities. For example, at 11:30 and 15:00 sharks and fish are fed by a diver, at 12:30 the sea turtles are fed and at 13:30 the young sea turtles are fed. At 10:30 and 14:00, you can attend guided explanations at the Underwater Observatory Tower, as well as participate in other activities. Don’t forget to participate in the "Depth Challenge", a family game that includes surprises, quizzes and even a prize, which will accompany your tour of the Park.

The map you receive at the entrance clearly shows locations of all the displays, including the Square Aquarium, the Manta Ray Cave, the Turtle Pools, Sharks’ World, Aqua Dome, Creatures From the Deep, Rare Fish Aquarium and more. Some of the Park’s complexes hold special Not To Be Missed activities. For example, near the Shark Pool visitors can enjoy a spectacular, animated world of fun and enriching multimedia shark games with innovative touch screens which allow you to compete in catching fish, dodge traps, discover the speed of sharks and more.

Attractions in Eilat for Children - More Special Places in the Park

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat offers a rich variety of complexes, promising fun for all the family. Visit the Park’s two jewelry stores selling beautiful and unique jewelry, designed by leading artisans from Israel and abroad. Hungry? Our restaurant serves meat and vegetarian meals, suitable for the whole family and a chance to recharge your batteries before exploring the rest of the Park. Before you leave, don’t forget to visit our souvenir shop selling a wide range of souvenirs and unique gifts inspired by the sea and vacation spirit. The shop also sells a range of books, original textile products, games and more.

Another place worth visiting is the Park’s Educational Center which was established approximately seventeen years ago and is named after the observatory's first scientific director - the late David Friedman. The Educational Center provides students in Eilat the opportunity to learn about the wonders of the Red Sea, while participating in reef restoration projects. We invite you to learn about the variety of projects in the Park related to nature conservation, such as the breeding and rehabilitation of seahorses, sea turtles and more.

Group Tours and Events

Are you planning a vacation with family and friends in Eilat? Do you plan to organize a company group vacation? The Underwater Observatory Marine Park offers a full fun day of attractions in Eilat which includes private guided tours, group games tailored to suit the participants, and even a branded sign with the name of the group displayed by a diver in the Shark Pool.

If you are seeking to hold a truly unforgettable private or corporate event, the Underwater Observatory Marine Park is the perfect location for a fully customized event. We hold birthday events for up to 40 participants which includes a tour of the Sharks’ World complex, fun activities and games for children, tutorials, and explanations. The Park caters for corporate events for up to 140 people held in front of a huge window displaying the Shark Pool, ensuring a unique and spectacular backdrop for your guests, with all the necessary equipment and a variety of surprises. If you are planning a large event, the Park can cater an open-air event for up to 350 people at the Aqua Dome Plaza, with the Red Sea and majestic Edom Mountains providing dramatic and unique scenery, the perfect place for dinner, a dance party and more in the perfect atmosphere. The Park tailors events according to your preferences and composition of the participants.

How to get here


 For arrival by car, type :

"Underwater Observatory Marine Park" in the Waze App or Google Maps.


For arrival by public transport:

Line 15 from Eilat's Central Bus Station


During summer, holidays and peak seasons, take public transport as parking is limited.


How to get here

Opening Hours

The Park is open every day:

09:00 am to 16:00pm.

We are closed on the 27th & 28th September for the Day of Atonement.



We have made great efforts to make the Park accessible and to ensure a pleasant, friendly and fun experience for all our visitors.

If you need our help, we are at your service!

Please contact Hanny Rubin, Accessibility Coordinator




Park Activities - Feedings
The Underwater Observatory Tower
Guided Tour (Exhibit 10)
Shark World
Feeding the Sharks And Fish by a Diver (Exhibit 7)
Rare Fish Aquarium
Rare Fish Aquarium Guided Tour & Feeding
Turtle Pool
Feeding the Turtles (Exhibit 4
The Secrets of Pearls
Explanation and Opening Pearl Oysters (Exhibit 13)
Turtle Pool
Feeding the Turtles (Exhibit 4)
The Underwater Observatory Tower
Guided Tour (Exhibit 10)
Creatures From the Deep
Creatures From The Deep Guided Tour (Exhibit 12)
Shark World
Feeding the Sharks And Fish by a Diver (Exhibit 7)

Park Map

  • The Welcome Aquarium

    A great way to start !

    See a characteristic Red Sea coral reef, from all angles,from the minute you enter the park.

  • Red Sea Coral Reef Aquarium.

    Description: This is a huge circular aquarium showing a replica of the magnificent coral reef of Eilat.

    It is one of the largest replica reefs in the world and boasts a number of real corals.

    Watch the Red sea in action here!

  • The Sting-ray cave

    Description:  In the Sting-ray cave resides giant sting rays measuring 2 meters and more. Take this photo opportunity and wave to your family from inside the aquarium, just like a professional diver.

    More Information:

    Advanced booking is required, only available

    from age 8 upward.

    Diving is from age 8.


  • The Turtle Pool

    Description:  The turtle pool is a beautiful habitat for two types of Turtle species.

    In a comfortable and warm recreation of their natural living conditions, our turtle pool is a great place for you to peek in on the everyday habits of these intriguing animals.

    Take a look!


  • Snorkelling pool

    In the Snorkeling pool, there is, you guessed it, an opportunity to snorkel.

    This is also the only place you can view  coral in the Underwater Observatory from an aerial view.

  • Petting and Feeding Pool

    Description:  Get an interactive taste of marine life and join in by feeding and petting our Coyfish.

    Keep your children engaged and entertained!

    Details may be subject to change.

  • Shark World

    Description:  Featuring a huge shark pool, an interactive activity center and a transparent tunnel.

    Come face-to-fin with the predators of the Red Sea, including sharks, sting rays, manta rays, schools of fish and vibrant colonies of coral.

    Start a shark adventure!

  • Aquadome

    Description:  Join us in the Aquadome for an intense 360 ° visual experience of whales. Uncover the many secrets from their fascinating lives and immerse yourself into a sensory experience.


    Dive in today!


  • Explanation Pools

    Description:  At this spot, our instructors provide in-depth information about our aquatic residents.

    Details may be subject to change

  • Underwater Observatory Tower

    Description:  The Observatory sits on the coral reef reserve. You can enter the Observatory and view the reef from the inside by walking down the stairs, to 6 meters below sea level.

    Here you can watch hundreds of species of fish, coral and invertebrates living in the magnificent Red Sea.

    This is a totally unique experience!


  • Peace Terrace

    Look out over 4 different countries from our Peace Terrace, located at the Underwater Observatory Tower.

    See Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia!


  • Creatures of the Deep

    Description: With several video panels screens, the Creatures of the Deep exhibition boasts intriguing and rare coverage of animals that live more than  1000 meters below the surface.

    This is a dark and challenging place with unique lifeforms, unreachable for the majority of people, including experienced divers.


  • Pearl Secrets.

    Description: Watch pearls being removed from their shells in this timeless and magical activity. Then if you so wish, pop into our Jewelry store and purchase something beautiful, rare and unique.

  • Rare Fish Aquarium

    Description:  The Rare Fish Aquarium has 35 aquariums and over 800 species of rare and beautiful fish, coral and spectacular marine creatures.

    Discover the colorful and unusual predators, invertebrates, corals and fish – only found in the Gulf of Eilat!

  • Education Center

    In the Education center, we hold many lectures and in-depth learning sessions. You can view our conservation projects, including the rehabilitation of coral, one of our cornerstone sustainability projects

  • Coral 2000

    Description: Coral 2000 is a submersible boat with 48 incredible underwater windows. Rather than looking down, the Coral 2000 gives you a panoramic view of the reef.

    Take this chance to meet rare fish, coral colonies and amazing sea creatures in their natural habitat

    More information: * Advanced booking is required
    The boat departs from the Coral Pier located on the bridge leading to the Observation Tower

*For pre-order and extra charge

  • Info Center
  • Restaurants
  • Kiosk
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Gift Store
  • Photo Shop
  • 01

    How much does it cost to go to the Underwater Observatory?

    All the Underwater Observatory's ticket prices, special offers and packages are found here.

  • 02

    What is the best time to visit the Underwater Observatory?

    The Underwater Observatory is open daily from 9:00am to 16:00pm.


    Our marine park is spacious and offers a variety of activities, so whatever time you choose to come, you'll have plenty to do!


    To maximize your visit we recommend that you plan for both tours led by our guides and to be watch the animals at feeding times (posted here on the website).

  • 03

    What time do they feed the fish and marine creatures?

    Feeding times and guided tour schedules can be viewed here.

  • 04

    How long is a visit to the Underwater Observatory?

    The Underwater Observatory has lots to see and explore and we recommend that you plan a 3 - 4 hour visit, including a stop at one of our top quality on-site restaurants.

  • 05

    Can I get to the Underwater Observatory by public transport?

    Egged, the Israeli intercity bus service stop sat the entrance of the Underwater Observatory - the bus line number is 15.

  • 06

    Is there parking available?

    The Underwater Observatory has large on-site parking facilities.


    Please take into account that on busy days and in peak season the car park is full.


    That's why we recommend taking public transport - Egged's bus line 15, which stops at the entrance to the Underwater Observatory.

  • 07

    Do I need to print my tickets before I get to the Underwater Observatory, if I book online?

    There is no need to print your tickets before you arrive, you can collect them at the kiosk next to the Ticket Office.

  • 08

    What credit cards do you take?

    The Underwater Observatory accepts all types of credit cards.

  • 09

    Does the Underwater Observatory take Loyalty Clubs?

    The Underwater Observatory collaborates with a host of Loyalty Clubs.


    If you are a member of a Loyalty Club, please check with the club directly to find out if they collaborate with us.

  • 10

    From what age do I have to pay for children?

    Children under the age of 3 enjoy free entrance to the Underwater Observatory.

  • 11

    Does the Underwater Observatory have a place to store personal items?

    Of course!


    For you to comfortably explore the Underwater Observatory you can rent a locker for your bags and belongings for just 5 NIS.


    The size of the locker is approximately the size of a small suitcase.

  • 12

    Am I allowed to photograph the displays and exhibitions?

    Yes! For the wellbeing of our marine creatures, please ensure to take photos without using a flash!


    Feel free to upload photos of your visit on the various social networks - don't forget to tag us!

  • 13

    Can I use my ticket more than once?

    Yes! The ticket you purchase is valid for 3 consecutive days from the date of your first entry.


    Please note :

    To extend your ticket for an additional two days, contact the photo booth located opposite the Underwater Observatory's entrance, get your photo taken and bring the photo with you when you want to return.

  • 14

    Are wheelchairs available?



    Please contact the security guard at the Underwater Observatory entrance and he will provide you with a wheelchair.


    For your convenience, we recommend contacting us in advance at 08-6364209 to reserve a wheelchair during your visit.

  • 15

    Does the Underwater Observatory have an area I can nurse my baby?

    Of course!


    The Underwater Observatory accomodates for nursing mothers and provides a particularly intimate and comfortable nursing area in the souvenir shop.

  • 16

    Is the Underwater Observatory equipped with First Aid equipment and medical staff?

    First aid equipment is available at the Underwater Observatory's main office.


    Medics are always on-site and will assist if necessary.

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