23 Jan

Aviv Levi, The Scientific Director, appeared on the “New Day” program with Dan Shilon and Tali Moreno, and talked of abandoned cages and ‘ghost’ nets floating in the Red Sea.

Many traps and nets have been abandoned in the Red Sea, creating death traps for thousands of creatures in the Gulf. Any creature ensnared in a net or trap is helpless and faces certain death. After these creatures die caught in the nets, other creatures come to feed on the remains, and they too get caught – this results in a never-ending cycle of entrapment of fish and other marine creatures.

When releasing creatures from the death traps, their condition should be examined. For the most part these fish are thin, sickly and can no longer fend for themselves. They need to be rehabilitated with enriched food which will help to rebuild the muscle tissue destroyed during their entrapment in a cage over a long period of time (similar to a human being in solitary confinement). After the muscle tissue has regenerated and it has been established that the creatures are able to hunt for themselves, they are returned to nature, in the hope that they will learn to stay away from these snares.

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