Danny Kushmaro dropped in to visit the Underwater Observatory and went diving with the sharks.
What frightens you more? Bees or sharks?
You’ll be surprised to learn that more people die in the world every year from bee stings than from sharks.
UNet people convened due to the significant and worrying decrease in the number of species of this magnificent animal – the shark.

During his visit to Eilat, Danny Kushmaro took the opportunity of raising awareness about the sharks. Human beings are not shark food, and most shark attacks are due to mistakes in identification: guided by one of the most sophisticated radar systems in nature, the shark identifies its prey well before it sees it: movements, excretions, smells, electrical waves, etc.
The shark feeds on injured and sick creatures, and is therefore one of natures ‘cleaners’. Attacking humans means that there has been an incorrect identification: how people swim reminds the shark of a wounded animal, and that is why it attacks.

Danny Kushmaro was asked to check whether this theory is correct. After a short briefing about the correct way to behave in a shark-filled environment, Danny entered the pool in order to check how the sharks would react. To Danny’s surprise the sharks demonstrated complete indifference to the new creature that had entered the swimming pool, since they had identified him as not being food.

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