23 Jan

Aviv Levi, The Scientific Director appeared on the “New Day” program with Dan Shilon and Tali Moreno, and talked about poisonous fish that have entered the waters of the Mediterranean and also, about sea horses.

Recently a species of Stone Fish (synanceia verrucosa) has been seen in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first sighting of this fish in the Mediterranean region. The Stone Fish made its way there through the Suez Canal. The arrival of the fish has had an immediate and extreme impact on the eco-balance of the marine world along the Mediterranean coast.

This is one of the most poisonous fish in the ocean, with 13 venomous spikes along its back. The spikes are hollow, and at the base of each one there is a special venomous gland that injects poison through the spike into any body it comes into contact with. The poison is used for defense purposes only, and is only released if you tread on it or come into contact with it.
It is important to maintain two basic rules:
• look but don’t touch.
• wear protective shoes before going into the water.

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