A severely wounded Moray eel, which was in danger of dying, was observed during a routine dive.

The Moray eel was gathered up by a team of divers from the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat and quickly taken to the Park for treatment.
Our dedicated team of divers devotedly treated the Moray eel and after two days of recovery – to everyone’s surprise – it began to eat, despite the fact that its eyes had been injured and its vision impaired. The Moray eel managed to eat using only its sense of smell .
It had also suffered a torn jaw; the tear having apparently been caused by a fish hook .
After intensive treatment the Moray eel’s vision was restored to both eyes and it is able to eat quite normally. However, its ability to swim is still off-balance .
The diving team will continue to treat the Moray eel until it is fully recovered, so that in the near future, after rehabilitation ( we hope ) it will be able to return to its natural home in the Gulf of Eilat.

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